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The Illusion Challenge and Presentation Workshop


Some of the Illusions used

The Ring & Force Field

This requires good presentation skills.

Hide & Unhide

Dexterity, presentation and guts are needed in equal amounts.

Invisible Software

Numeracy and fast thinking needed.

Red Tape & Cable Management

Dexterity and spatial awareness.

The Hot Drive

Requires negotiation skills and dexterity.

Mind Reading

Sales and organisation will help you with this.

Never Gamble

You will need good general management ability for this.

WYS Is Not Always WYG

Organisation skills are key.

The duration of the Challenge will be

dependent on it's use.

1 to 2 hours for the Team Building

dependent on numbers.

All require detailed presentation

and good communication skills.



"Barrie ran an Illusion Challenge session with us as part of an Awayday. It certainly helped with our team building and also underlined the power of laughter when making difficult decisions"
                   Julie Dent
        Strategic Health Authority

                  Chief Executive


Background and Elements.

The Workshop was designed as a personal and group challenge that has intriguing content and a positive outcome in a short space of time.

However it was quickly realised that this was a very flexible tool and could be used effectively to draw out, demonstrate and correct individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as being a great communication tool and resource for trainers.

Everyone is given a strict time limit to perfect their chosen illusion.

Hands on instruction is then given and advice on presentation.

The conclusion of the Workshop is a performance by the participants who show off their new found skills.

Everyone takes their illusion home!

The Challenge is for each participant to master a close up illusion and perform it, using their own style.

The Workshop is unique. It's able to transcend all age, background, gender and skill levels and has been used successfully for Internal Training, Conference Sessions also Pre and Post Dinner.

We set the scene by presenting a number of experiments and conundrums to get everyone in the right mood.

Each participant is then invited to choose from a special selection of 8 illusions. These are demonstrated and then the clock starts to tick.

The illusions have been carefully chosen to reflect skills we all use on a day-to-day basis, organisation, communication, presentation, negotiation but from a very different angle.

It shows we can all be fooled visually, verbally and mentally and how we can use these insights to our advantage.

We can also configure the presentation as an insert to your internal training or as part of an upbeat evening which means your own people take centre stage.

The Workshop can be held at almost any venue.




With a slightly different slant this workshop has been used to show trainers how to use Illusion and Magic to enhance their sessons and create that

'stick in the mind factor'



" A great evening and much sharing of 'how to' in the days following the event"
                       Deirdre Murphy
                   Manager IT Devision






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