Barrie EWstwell

Reflections of Music and Magic


Barrie Westwell

Hannah Peverley

Patrick Ardagh-Walter

Jeremy Brown




A cauldron of nostalgia, songs and magic, will whisk you from Berlin to Broadway, passing through Paris along the way.

A Cabaret Show 

With singers Hannah Peverley and Patrick Ardagh-Walter. Barrie Westwell as the illusionist and Jeremy Brown master of the ivories. If you've never seen a live levitation then this is for you.

  The Cabaret Show was first performed at the Dulwich Festival on the 16th May 2007

It was re-staged and performed by popular demand on 3 nights in mid September 2007 to packed houses at The Green restaurant, bar and gallery

The Cabaret Show duration was two 40 min halves but that could easily be condensed for Christmas parties and other events, as the selection of music from Kurt Vile - Cabaret - Noel Coward - Guys & Dolls and the classics of Magic including Levitation - The Linking Rings - The Snake. Each effect is considerably flexible and adaptable and will work in any venue.

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